We interviewed 2019 Cinema One Originals Best Actor on November 24, shortly after his big win. However, amidst all the season’s merriment and festivities, now would be a great time to post the said interview because Gold Azeron willingly took PalabasTayo’s Vodka Challenge as he talked about five of his favorite actors and his experience filming “Metamorphosis”.

Before plunging into our challenge, Gold shared that a flood of congratulatory messages came his way after the awarding ceremony. He did pray to bring home the trophy but he did not expect to emerge as the winner because he thought that Gio Gahol, the lead of “Sila-Sila” would take that top male honor for acting. He almost cried when his name was called and naturally, failed to thank a couple of people.

According to Gold, his director, JE Tiglao would be very happy even if the film only won the best actor award, but luck had other plans and they brought home a total of five trophies including Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director.

Gold, who played an intersex person in Metamorphosis, revealed that he idolizes Coco Martin, John Lloyd Cruz, Cesar Montano, Robin Padilla, and Daniel Padilla. Because he knows each of them well enough, he confidently took our challenge to drink vodka if he is not able to answer questions about his idols.

As a 20 plus-year-old, Gold aspires to be like Coco who also had humble beginnings but became successful and overcame challenges in life. They both did indie films so if the film would call for more challenging, more mature, daring/baring roles, he would gladly do it. In fact, as a full-grown adult, he already did some daring scenes in Metamorphosis where he was seen pleasuring himself, and going fully naked for the cameras.

Gold has always loved Lloydie since “One More Chance”. He says, his eyes speak to him and can always make him cry in all of his dramatic scenes. He misses Lloydie very much and would be very happy to see him back at work again.

Gold likes Cesar Montano’s bad-boy image and shares that he is currently in a relationship and is very loyal to this person who gave full support in filming Metamorphosis.

If he is given the chance to have advocacy work like Robin Padilla, he will choose HIV Awareness because young people should know the consequences of unprotected sex.

Lastly, he revealed that if he were to take the love-team route, he wishes to be paired with Ella Cruz or with another new-comer, Iana Bernardez who won Best Supporting Actress in the same film festival.

Watch the fun video to see more juicy details and if you choose to drink, do drink responsibly.

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