We were so happy to have the opportunity to chat with one of the leads in the film “Sila-Sila” as Topper Fabregas shares his experience with the film. According to Sila-Sila’s Facebook page, the movie is a ghosting story for Cinema One Originals 2019. It is written by Daniel Saniana and directed by Giancarlo Abrahan.

We immediately grabbed some booze to make our filming more relaxed, and more fun.

The interview is split into three videos:

The first part is where he shares how he bagged the role of Jared. He has been doing theater for about twenty years but he is shockingly intimidated in front of cameras. He says this is because film is a different medium made by a completely different community. It is a good thing that he is joined by mostly thespians in the movie and they have all worked together and they are all friends.

Topper shares that his father used to do movies in his younger years and looks like a real movie star. We wonder if this is also the reason for being intimated despite his good looks. Your guess is as good as ours.

Part 2 is where he reacts to a post on Sila-Sila’s official Instagram account. The post is called “The ex-list” which features several photos that give you reasons NOT to drunk text the ghosts of the past. He relates how each photo in the said post, reminds him of someone (or did it really).

The last part is a game where we challenged him to take a shot of vodka if he fails to identify which of his Sila-Sila castmates is being described. We described five castmates here. Guess if he got any of them or how many shots he took. This is the most fun.

Sila-Sila runs from November 8 to 17, 2019. It will be in selected cinemas including Trinoma, Gateway, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Glorietta, Powerplant Mall, Cinematheque Centre Manila, Cinema Centenario, Cinema 76 – San Juan, Cinema 76 – Anonans, Black Maria, Cine Adarna, Vista Cinemas Ilo-ilo, and Vista Cinemas EVIA.

Thank you, Topper! We hope to hang out with you again soon.

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