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‘One More Chance the Musical’: A Showcase of Pinoy Sawi Culture

When One More Chance the Musical was announced in October last year, one thing immediately popped in my mind: this is the...

‘Joseph The Dreamer’ ends 2022 with festive run this November

As the most anticipated season is almost upon us, Trumpets’ Joseph The Dreamer is making a big comeback to, once again, gather...

JTD The Musical 2022: Six Reasons to Watch

Two years after the pandemic shut down the performing arts in the Philippines, Trumpets leads a revival of the theater industry with...

REVIEW: Joseph the Dreamer delivers on its promise

Here is our Review of Joseph the Dreamer based on the February 28, 2020 performance at the Meralco Theater.

Joseph The Dreamer: a millennial revival by Trumpets

Gathering some of the most promising and most formidable names in the local theatre industry, Trumpets presents a reimagined production of its...

Trumpets reveals complete cast of ‘Joseph the Dreamer’

After grueling auditions in late September, Trumpets reveals the complete cast of "Joseph the Dreamer". The 2020 production will be a reimagining...