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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announces the launch of The Highway Series, the newest iteration in Fender’s investment in the acoustic category. Comprised of two different models, the more compact Parlor and the classic and fuller bodied Dreadnought, these acoustic guitars have been finely tuned for performance on and off the stage. While the designs of these instruments harkens back to a more traditional style, the technology and specifications are a nod to the future of acoustic guitar playing.

Historically, acoustic guitars have been characterized by large and bulky body shapes, but the Highway Series challenges this industry standard. Drawing inspiration from Fender’s groundbreaking history of transforming the electric guitar landscape, the Highway Series is set to redefine the acoustic guitar experience. At its core, the Highway Series is a multi-purpose guitar, carefully crafted to cater to the diverse needs of modern musicians. This innovative instrument streamlines the way artists can utilize it on stage, providing exceptional versatility while also offering a unique advantage for musicians during the songwriting process. While Fender’s Acoustasonic® series pushed the boundaries of acoustic-electric design, the Highway Series strikes a harmonious balance between modern innovations and the timeless appearance of traditional guitars. It embraces the best of both worlds, combining cutting-edge acoustic-electric technology with the classic and familiar look of a traditional guitar. The result is an instrument that not only stands out on stage but also inspires musicians to explore their creativity in more intimate, quiet settings.

“Fender Highway Series represents a bold step forward in the world of acoustic guitars, offering musicians a new avenue for sonic exploration and self-expression,” said Billy Martinez, VP of Product – FMIC Acoustics & Squier®. “Among the many standout features, we partnered with Fishman to bring their cutting-edge electronic pickup technology, the Fishman® Fluence® Acoustic pickup to the realm of traditional acoustics and meticulously crafted the necks to deliver an amazing playing experience. These guitars are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of guitar design and manufacturing.”

Both models in this series feature an ergonomic and lightweight body to ensure optimal comfort and precision. In addition, an exclusive Fishman Fluence® analogue acoustic pickup comes fully loaded at no additional cost giving player’s the ability to plug in and turn up at any given moment. Thanks to the Highway Series’ thin silhouette and fully integrated pickup system, long gone are the days of having to rapidly adjust your stage volume to avoid distracting feedback while strumming on an acoustic. The sum of all these parts equates to an acoustic guitar that gives the modern performer the privilege of consistency, predictability and road-tested sound night after night. To meet the demands of this innovative approach, Fender® has made a significant investment in the Corona, Calif. factory by dedicating a section of the facility exclusively to the production of acoustic-electric guitars, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to delivering top-tier quality instruments.

The Highway Series Dreadnought comes crafted with either a solid sitka spruce or genuine mahogany top, inlaid into a fully chambered mahogany body. Inside is a proprietary internal architecture including a tapered X bracing pattern and ergonomic thinline design. Crafted with the modern live musician in mind, the Highway Series Dreadnought comes equipped with a Fishman Fluence® acoustic pickup that will allow players to deliver amplified acoustic tones with rich clarity and sonic nuance. The Highway Series Parlor model delivers all of the same breathtaking features and optimized design but in a slightly more compact and tapered design, perfect for the guitarist on the go.

Fender Highway Series
“Touring is incredible, but it’s its own mindset.” says Mt. Joy guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Quinn in the midst of the band’s worldwide tour supporting their third full-length album, Orange Blood. 

The launch of The Highway Series will be accompanied by a visual creative campaign that features long-time Fender® collaborators, Mt. Joy. Through a prolific songwriting and recording process and a relentless touring schedule, the band has catapulted themselves to center stage of the scene with chart-topping singles and energetic live shows. Fender’s “On The Road” will follow Mt. Joy on their current tour and provide a glimpse of what tour life really is – from soundcheck and warming up backstage to performing to sold-out audiences. The video is an authentic love letter to live performance and how the consistency, predictability and unrivaled tone of the Highway Series aids Mt. Joy’s craft every night.

Introducing the all new Highway Series. With a streamlined setup and feedback-resistant design, the Highway Series was built for the live acoustic performer. Featuring Mt. Joy.

“We do a lot of touring, playing for two and a half hours every night, and what I was immediately drawn to about the Highway Series is that they’re super light,” said Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy. “The idea of having a feedback-resistant pickup is what I’ve been looking for and to have a guitar that won’t feedback on stage is huge for your confidence when performing a song. “

Explore the new Highway Series, featuring a thin and lightweight body, Fishman Fluence pickups and a hyper-playable neck. Watch Molly Miller and Nicholas Veinoglou take them for a test drive.

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