After ten weeks of fierce Pinoy drag, Drag Race Philippines has given Season Two’s best drag queen her crown: Captivating Katkat, with her stellar and iconic run, has won the most coveted title in the world of drag. Let’s take a look at her best moments on the show.

Credit: World of Wonder / HBO Go

The Snatching Humor

Her acting chops never really buckled (even when Pinoy movie icon Maricel Soriano was staring right at her!) and even gave her a second RuBadge, but Katkat’s shining moment in the comedy limelight was her suppressed but comically bombastic Snatch Game character, Mayor Joy Belmote.

In a sea of loud, animated impersonations, Katkat chose to do the opposite of what everyone was trying to do and kept eerily still for most of her skit, only turning her head to Mama Pao when she had something knee-slappingly funny to say (“Hindi ka naman taga-QC, no? (You’re not from QC, are you?)” is now my friend groups’ go-to banat counter).

But aside from her perfect “yes and” routine, Katkat’s number one Mayor Joy quality was her deadpan delivery of stone-cold hilarious lines. “Maraming salamat, tangina niyo (Thank you so much, fuck you all)”? No, mayor. Thank YOU.

All this from a performance that she did just to try to be safe? Comedy icon.

The Captivating Runway Package

As funny as she is, Captivating Katkat can’t really be relegated as just a comedy queen, not when she DEMOLISHED every single runway this season.

That stunning rainbow look (and the RuDemption version at the finale)? The lighthearted space queen shequel ensemble? The shooooooes outfit that was bought off of Lazada for 3000 pesos that she managed to transform to look like a million bucks?? THE ETHEREAL HOVERING GOLDEN ALIEN?! We haven’t even talked about the stupid camp levels her u-la-lam realness went to (revealing a big-ass spoon and fork from your thigh-high boots is just next level)!

This queen knows how to edit her looks and present them in a way that showcases fresh and exciting characters every time she hits the runway, and it’s undeniable that her campiness will be talked about in the drag scene for years to come.

Credit: Captivating Katkat and Jagger Studios

The Drama

From her shady entrance look to calling other contestants’ drag “stinky” and “smelly”, Katkat wasn’t afraid to bring drama every episode. And you know what? She makes good TV.

Katkat knew coming into the show that her reputation precedes her, so of course she had to stick to her element and bring a narrative to her TV persona that will pay off in the end (spoiler alert: it did!).

The thing about Drag Race fans is they ask for more drama and more fun villainy on the show to balance the kind and sweet sisterhood the program represents, but they attack the queens who try to add a little more spice to the storylines with harmless shade-throwing. Some people think Katkat’s confessionals are ruthless and sour, but she brings an equal level of snark and shade every time she dishes it. What’s more, she always does it with a smile on her face.

Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention her heated exchange with M1ss Jade So during Untucked (“You’re a liar, bitch!”), but even that eventually showed that Katkat’s “off-putting” personality isn’t what it seems. More on that later.

Credit: World of Wonder

Trans Revolution

Season 2 had THREE trans queens, and that alone is an achievement in itself. Bernie, M1ss Jade, and Katkat proved that the trantasy is here to stay, and their presence in the season alone opened up hundreds of conversations about trans rights in the Philippines.

Just like her sisters, Katkat made sure that trans people felt seen and represented during her whole run. She dedicated runway looks, verses, and lip syncs to the trans community, promoting her advocacy for true equal rights in the country.

Most importantly, her finale lip sync saw her literally raising the trans community’s flag while wearing a corset with the words “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN”, and capping off her run with an important message: “Huwag tayong tumigil sa pag-abot ng ating mga pangarap! Laban, trans! (Don’t ever give up reaching for our dreams! Fight, trans!)”

Credit: Captivateam Katkat Page

The True KatKat

Alas, no Drag Race queen can ever really win the crown without showcasing the most important quality. Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are pretty vital, but the one thing all crowned queens have all around the world is a sense of self, and the ability to present themselves with pride.

Katkat knew that she would have detractors coming into the show, and she even admitted that most of them exist because of her own problematic behaviors.

“Actually, yun talaga yung laging first impression nila sakin. Maldita, demonyita, masama ang ugali. Hindi ko sila masisisi, kasi ganoon talaga ako before.”

(Actually, that’s always their first impression of me. A bitch, a monster, has a bad attitude. I can’t blame them, because that’s who I was before.)

But Katkat knew that as a veteran drag queen, she had to redeem herself to rightfully earn the Captivating moniker.

“People change. Meron tayong tinatawag na character development.”

(People change. We have something called character development.)

People wanted to hate her for her and M1ss Jade’s fight early on in the season, but Katkat showed humility and apologized to Jade, even acknowledging that she has room to grow when it comes to controlling her temper.

Every time someone would open up in the werkroom, she would do her best to make them feel heard and understood, tackling issues like transphobia and family abandonment with them.

She let her standee (again, icon) get scribbled on by the queens one by one as they left the competition, keeping a beautiful memento of friendship from all of them.

When she lip synced against her best friend in the competition, Bernie, she gave it her all, but she also showed sympathy and class after the result was announced.

Credit: World of Wonder

And lastly, after the competition ended, she continued to develop a strong bond with all of her new sisters, joining them in cute little gatherings and supporting them in drag brunches.

She once said, “Kaya ako pumasok dito kasi gusto kong malaman ng mga viewers na hindi na ako yung dating Katkat.” (I entered the race because I want the viewers to know that I’m not the old Katkat.)

“Yung napanood nila dito, yun yung totoong ako. Kung nagustuhan nila o hindi, nasa kanila na yon. Basta sa akin, kung ano yung kaya kong ipakita, ipapakita ko. Kung ano yung kaya kong gawin, gagawin ko.” (Whatever they see on the show is the real me. Whether they like me or not, that’s on them. For me, whatever I can show, I will show it. Whatever I can do, I will do it.)

Credit: World of Wonder

And show us she did. Captivating Katkat showcased her true, unadulterated self on the show. Funny, fashionable, furious, fearless. And now we see her for what she really is: the Philippine’s Next Drag Superstar.

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