“David Blaine Ascension” multi-hour global livestream of his groundbreaking research and discovery flight will move from NYC/NJ to happen for the first time live from Arizona on Wednesday, September 2nd at 6:00am PT, pending weather conditions. Watch David Blaine’s announcement video below for more information.

For the latest updates, visit David Blaine’s YouTube Channel and SET A REMINDER on the watch page. Viewers can also stay up-to-date by following @davidblaine (Twitter, Instagram) and @youtube (Twitter, Instagram).

According to a Variety report by Todd Spangler, Blaine originally wanted to stage the “Ascension” stunt in his hometown New York on August 31. However, he and his team of aviation experts decided to change locations based on wind conditions forecast which can affect overall safety concerns.

Blaine said that “Arizona is one of the best locations for ballooning. It allows for pretty optimal conditions.”

David Blaine will redefine magic once again by partnering with YouTube Originals for an unprecedented live event at a time when the world could use a positive distraction. Blaine will bring wonder, hope and untethered possibility as he launches from Arizona and journeys across the skyline on a research and discovery test flight for his most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet, only on YouTube and sponsored by Verizon in the U.S.

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