Welcome to a place where beauty and elegance are celebrated, a place where luxury takes center stage with charm and grace. Netflix opens and welcomes the public to Villa Bridgerton.

In celebration of Bridgerton’s second season premiere on March 25, Netflix invited PalabasTayo for a day full of glitz and glamour at Villa Bridgerton, a scenic mansion decorated with Regency era-inspired accommodations for its visitors’ indulgence.

Beautiful orchestral music accompanied the warm, polished aesthetics and scrumptious refreshments that paired perfectly with a nice cup of tea, presenting Villa Bridgerton’s sophistication on full display.

The gardens were open, allowing its visitors to breathe in the fresh air as they rested by the fountain or the roses in full bloom.

A game of croquet was also easily arranged for those whose competitive spirits came out to be the villa’s star player, the ladies and gentlemen spectating from their seats.

Inside, the walls were decorated with beautiful artworks, as well as stunning portraits of Bridgerton’s iconic cast. Regal quarters were lined with gold and soft, comfortable furnishings.

Among the villa’s regent faces, personalities like Justine Luzares (who played in an earlier Netflix video as the queen herself), were in attendance, rubbing shoulders with other media royalties.

Villa Bridgerton cordially invites all who fancy a taste of opulence. Visit them now until the 3rd of April at 114 9th St, corner Broadway Ave, New Manila, Quezon City, and experience what it’s like to be the new elite.

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