2x-Grammy nominated, multi-platinum artist, producer and DJ Steve Aoki is diving into summer with his remix of one of the greatest anthems of all-time, “Fun, Fun, Fun” by The Beach Boys. Just in time to celebrate the 60th anniversary for one of the most impactful bands in music’s history, the new rendition of “Fun, Fun, Fun” commemorates the eternal sunshine energy of The Beach Boys, while accelerating the sound into high gear with Aoki’s pulsating rhythms and grooves. Fun, Fun, Fun (Steve Aoki Remix)” is out today via Capitol Records/UMe/Universal Music Canada.

Originally written by The Beach Boys’ founders Brian Wilson and Mike Love, “Fun, Fun, Fun” was released in 1964 and peaked at #5 on the Billboard 100 chart. Nearly sixty years after first transmitting their good vibrations around the globe, The Beach Boys, the first American pop band to reach the 60-year milestone, remain one of the most legendary and influential groups to date, with tracks like “Fun, Fun, Fun” as a testament to their timeless sound. As a fan himself, Aoki was eager to work on the track and incorporate a version into his live set. Knowing that fans would share in his enthusiasm about The Beach Boys, he debuted the new remix of the classic hit to fans at a recent show, where the crowd went wild, finding themselves encompassed by the high-octane sound reverberating from the loudspeakers, mixed with a warm sense of nostalgia that washed over the audience.

Steve Aoki shares, “I’ve been a huge fan of The Beach Boys all of my life. Growing up in California, I heard their music all around me. The Beach Boys are musical geniuses and visionaries in the world of rock n’ roll. I continue to be inspired by their music to this day. It’s an honor to come together for the ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ remix, and I can’t wait to share it with all of our fans all summer long.”

The Beach Boys said, “It’s both gratifying and a whole lot of fun, fun, fun to have Steve Aoki – fun personified – reimagine one of our most enduring crowd-pleasers! As we cruise into summer, Steve (Aoki)’s ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ remix drives like an ace.”

Steve is currently on tour through the U.S. and Europe, consistently taking the stage more nights of the year than not. As a Guiness World Record holder, holding the title for “Most Traveled Musician in One Year” since 2012, fans can expect to hear “Fun, Fun, Fun (Steve Aoki Remix)” on the road. The original song, which continues to be an evolving anthem woven into the landscape of culture and entertainment, was recently featured in the soundtrack for the highly anticipated movie of the summer “Barbie.” Meanwhile, The Beach Boys are also catching new waves by participating in a feature length documentary currently in the works, a tribute special, prestigious exhibitions and events, unique brand partnerships, and much more to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

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