‘I Kissed A Boy’ Debuts on BBC Three


The wait is over. BBC Three brings UK’s one-of-a-kind show, “I Kissed A Boy” premiering on May 14, 2023. In the spotlight, just boys who like boys. Fly in pop icon Dannii Minogue to play cupid, and it’s the party you don’t want to miss.

10 single guys are matched up, and meet for the first time… with a kiss. No small talk. No messages. Just one kiss to test out their chemistry straight away. Will it be a polite peck? Or a passionate snog? And ultimately, will that first kiss lead to love?

I Kissed A Boy

Dannii Minogue has welcomed 10 single guys to Italy to stay in a beautiful country house called the Masseria. Before the summer of love starts, the boys are matched up based on what they’re looking for in a partner. After meeting their match for the first time with a kiss, the boys are encouraged to get to know them and give their new relationship a good shot.

But ultimately, they have to do what’s right for them. Because in this show, EVERYONE is a possibility. And as the new couples settle into the masseria, they’ll discover there’s always room for one more at this party…

Get ready for the UK’s first ever gay dating show, where the path to love is never straight. It’s loud, it’s proud…and it all starts with a kiss.

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