BMG has appointed Pierrot Raschdorff to further develop and accelerate the company’s diversity strategy. As Senior Director of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Berlin-based Raschdorff will report directly to Dominique Casimir, BMG’s Chief Content Officer.

Pierrot Raschdorff joins from Penguin Random House in Germany, the world’s largest trade book publisher and, like BMG, a division of the international media, services, and education company Bertelsmann. With his book (Schwarz. Rot. Wir.), he makes a plea for diversity, emphasizing the importance of diverse role models to find self-identity. Pierrot Raschdorff holds a degree in political science and is a certified mediator.

Diversity Strategy BMG

Dominique Casimir said: “At BMG, we celebrate the power of diversity and recognize our responsibility to make a difference and contribute. Pierrot will take an important key role in further developing and accelerating BMG’s diversity and inclusion strategies. I am delighted to have him on board!”

Pierrot Raschdorff said: “I couldn’t be more excited about joining BMG! Music has the universal and emotional ability to connect people, even more, it forms communities and fosters faith in one’s diversity. I am convinced that BMG is the right place for me to work on the mission for greater diversity every day!”

As an expert in diversity and corporate responsibility, Raschdorff will now be responsible for further developing and accelerating the company’s global DE&I goals, working closely with BMG’s international teams across its 12 core music markets. 

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