MANILA –– This new year, discovery+ continues to bring Filipinos the best in real life entertainment with  the launch of exclusive new Home and Paranormal shows. Viewers can either lay back and get creative with Dream Home 2022 and The Craftsman, or stay on the edge of their seats watching titles like Scream: The True Story and Ghost House.

Welcome the new year with fresh home inspiration

To kick off the new year, discovery+ invites viewers on a relaxing getaway to Warren, Vermont for HGTV Dream Home 2022, available to watch now. Showcasing the fully furnished, custom-built home project, Filipinos can glimpse the scenic Vermont background as they enter the dream home valued at more than one million US dollars.

Since 1997, lucky winners of the annual HGTV Dream Home sweepstake have become happy homeowners to houses with distinct designs. This year, the home is an upscale modern cabin that embraces the natural beauty of its location and allows its inhabitants to reconnect with nature while enjoying the conveniences of technology.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coast in Eureka, California, master craftsman and woodworker Eric Hollenbeck endeavors to restore historic homes and forgotten treasures to give them new life. Having his own woodworking business, Blue Ox Millworks, and almost 50 years of experience makes Hollenbeck a rare talent in the industry. Some of the projects he has worked on include a project from his early days as a woodworker––a trolley car from the 1980s. Filipinos can catch the first episode on discovery+.

Things that go bump in the night

Gearing up for the latest release of the iconic Scream movie franchise, discovery+ treats horror fans to a docu-horror special with Scream: The True Story premiering on 14 January, the same day as the Scream 5 movie release. A must-watch for horror and movie fans alike, the special weaves storytelling and paranormal investigation with re-enactments and archive footage to tell the true story behind the classic horror film Scream.

Despite the fictional nature of the Scream series, real-life events of the chilling murders committed by Danny Rolling, also known as the Gainesville Ripper, inspired its creation. Rollin claimed that he was under demonic possession at the time but was eventually convicted in 2006. In the Shoc Doc special, paranormal investigator Steve Shippy and psychic medium Cindy Kaza work together to uncover the truth behind Rolling’s claims.

Inspired by the horror show Paranormal Lockdown by Discovery Channel, Ghost House is hosted by Heo Sung Tae and adapts a talk show format that dives into supernatural phenomenons and bizarre stories from around the world including the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum that operated in the 1800s, the Cambria Prison that housed prisoners for 127 years, the Waverly Hills Nursing Home where tuberculosis patients were treated, and other reportedly haunted locations. The show is available now for Paranormal fans. 

Also this month, discovery+ launches Drag Race Italia on 15 January. Join the panel of judges – drag queen Priscilla, actress Chiara Francini, and influencer Tommaso Zorzi – to see who will claim the title of Italy’s First Drag Superstar.
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