Back in 2010, nobody would have touted XLR8 member Arkin del Rosario as a bona fide drama actor. His roots seemed to have already set in the music industry, with the boy band’s humble beginnings serving as the blueprint for K-pop-inspired juggernaut acts like SB19. But against most people’s impressions, del Rosario now sees himself as a formidable and evolving talent in acting—and he’s now beginning to pave his own way.

In between acting gigs, Arkin del Rosario spends a lot of his time reading books. Be it the fictional works of Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist), Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians), and Rick Riordan (The Percy Jackson Series), the self-help teachings of Gary Vaynerchuk (Crushing It!) and Joseph Murphy (The Power of Your Subconscious Mind), or the economic insights of Scott Galloway (The Four), Arkin’s bookshelf is packed to the brim with books of all genres.

His decades-long dedication to reading as a pastime is admirable, but the bibliophile’s obsession with literature pales in comparison to his drive when it comes to acting, which he now pursues with intense devotion.

In a very emotional All Out interview with PalabasTayo, Arkin shared that he wants to be a positive influence on people who dream of being an actor, the same way Leonardo DiCaprio was to him. He also shared his dream of being a multi-capable lead, hopefully landing a superhero movie gig someday.

Arkin del Rosario
Arkin del Rosario donned in a Spider-Man suit

Other than the titanic Hollywood star, though, Arkin talked about the people in the industry who inspire him and how they set the tone for his ultimate career dreams, setting a more serious tone where he let his feelings and tears out.

Noon, I was lacking of love from my parents, so binigay niya ako sa industry na maraming tao ang magmamahal sa’yo, (Back then, I was lacking of love from my parents, so He gave me to an industry where a lot of people will love you).” Arkin emotionally shared his struggles growing up without parents who passed away when he was young, and his thoughts on why God positioned him towards the acting industry.

“It’s really hard without a father figure, and yung hinahanap mo yung love from other people na mami-meet mo (It’s really hard without a father figure, and the fact that you’re looking for love from other people you meet),” Arkin added while holding back tears.

He concludes that his relationship with them is a huge part of why he acts. “Siguro that’s the reason kung bakit gusto kong umarte, kasi doon ko nalalabas yung emotions ko, tuwing nasa harap ako ng camera (Maybe that’s the reason why I want to act, because I can show my emotions out every time I’m on camera).”

Doon ko nalalabas yung gusto kong sabihin, yung mga hindi ko masabi sa totoong buhay (That’s where I can say what I want to say that I never get to in real life).”

Aside from sharing his inner thoughts on what motivates him to act, Arkin also talked about his desire to come across as a multifaceted individual on the screen. “I want to be loved not because of physical looks, not because of [my] face or [my] body but because [I] have a good character and [I] have good values.”

“That’s what I want to see sa mga tao na pinapanood ako, hindi dahil sa physical looks ko but because of kung ano yung values and character ko, na despite of growing up na walang parents, lumaki ako ng maayos (That’s what I want to see from the people who watch me, not because of my physical looks but because of what my values and character are, and that despite growing up without parents, I grew up to be alright.)”

Arkin looks forward to advancing his career by preparing for acting schools in the US or UK, continuing his evolution as a dramatic actor, his future projects with GMA, and his insatiable love for reading.

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