One of the most romantic things is to witness someone profess undying love and the desire to be with his/her partner forever. This wonderful thing happened through an onstage proposal between two cast members at Lion King in Rochester, New York.

The Lion King’s official Instagram and Facebook accounts just posted the video where cast member Nhlanhla Ndlovu went down on his knees and asked his girlfriend, Daniela Cobb to marry him. The entire auditorium seemed to be feeling the love that night as it was filled with screaming when the two got engaged. The cast was also seen screaming and jumping for joy, unmindful of the wintry weather.

Nhlanhla Ndlovu, according to Playbill has five roles in the show which is currently on tour: Circle of Life vocals (Replacement), One by One Dance (Replacement), Simba Shadow Puppets (Replacement), Lioness Chant Vocal (Replacement), and Ensemble Singer (Replacement).

On the other hand, Danila Cobb is listed by Internet Broadway Database as a performer who has been playing in the show since October 2017 as Rafiki, Ensemble (Replacement), Lioness/Hyena Shadow Puppet (Replacement), and Shenzi (Replacement)

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The wintry venue where the engagement took place

In the Facebook video (which we downloaded and posted below on YouTube), the proposal began with the cast in a single line, in what seems to be after the bows. Nhlanhla starts dancing, gets the ring from a fellow cast member, takes Gabriela’s hands and starts talking:

“Since the day I met you in Charleston, North Carolina, you have been the most patient person I’ve ever met in my life. I’m not perfect. I’ve never claimed to be. And today, I humbly put myself before you to ask you a very important question in my life: Daniela Cobb, in my man diaper (he presents the ring and kneels on one knee)….

Daniella responds with a resounding “of course, yes!!”, starts running around and finally jumps into his arms as the crowd goes wild in even more ecstatic screams.

Love was definitely all around as Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba, Scar, Zazu, young Nala, young Simba, and the rest of the cast cheer them on. And as the song goes, “the circle of life moves us all in faith and love”.

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