There has never been a better time to take on the title and reign as the OC Queen than in a pandemic such as what we are having now. Thank heavens for Teviant as it launches its Beauty Sanitizer to keep our makeup and other beauty products and grooming tools as immaculately clean and pristine as we want them to be. 

The Teviant Beauty Sanitizer is specifically formulated to safely and effectively disinfect and kill germs, bacteria and other odor causing microbes on all our personal belongings, without damaging the formulation of our go-to product faves. All it takes is a quick spritz of Teviant Beauty Sanitizer to get that extra confidence boost that all our personal belongings are hygienic and germ-free. Definitely a must in your essentials stash!

Teviant founder and celebrity makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan, can attest to how challenging being a makeup artist in the new normal can be, and basically just how troubling it is to be anxious about his own beauty kit harboring the virus or other bacteria. With the pandemic going on, he needs to be extra mindful when it comes to disinfecting products to protect himself and his clients from any bacteria and virus causing diseases. This is why he realized the need for the Teviant Beauty Sanitizer, for us to stay clean, protected and confident as we face, take on and slay the world’s new normal.

Teviant Beauty Sanitizer can be used on beauty tools, makeup products, eyewear, phones and gadgets, hair brushes and combs, beauty brushes, bags, pouches, wristwatches, and even masks ̶ practically anywhere and on any kind of surface! Best part about it is that it effectively disinfects makeup and tools without damaging and compromising their formula. It also prolongs the shelf life of these cosmetic products by keeping them clean and deodorizing them, leaving a fresh, pleasant scent.

“Our brand purpose has always been to inspire confidence in everyone to take on the world in our own ways. We [at Teviant] did our homework and reallocated production towards insightful formulas that can help in the fight against the virus, thus, the birth of our Teviant Beauty Sanitizer,” says Albert.

Coronavirus fears aside, superbugs including E.coli and Staphylococci are found in more than nine out of ten of our daily beauty products. We use our favorite beauty products every day—but the same can’t be said for how frequently we clean them. Dead skin cells, excess oil, bacteria can build up in them which can cause blocked pores, acne, breakouts, dull-looking skin.

Conveniently available on Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and starting September 26, 2020, this Beauty Sanitizer comes in 200mL full sizes priced at Php 345 and Php 145-peso 60mL travel-friendly ones.

Teviant has made hygienic beauty a spray away so we can stay effortlessly clean, germ-free and beautiful with Teviant Beauty Sanitizer!

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