Stress and anxiety can be reduced by watching cute animals according to a study by the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. The study, in partnership with Western Australia Tourism, has found proof that watching images and videos of cute animals for half an hour affects blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety.

Associate Professor, Dr. Andrea Utey at the University of Leeds told CNN that she put together a 30-minute montage that included kittens, puppies, baby gorillas, and other animals. The study examined 15 participants and recorded that average blood pressure fell from 136/88 to 115/71, heart rates went down by 6.5% to 67.4 bpm, and anxiety rates also went down by 35%. Participants preferred watching video clips over still images, especially of animals interacting with humans.

Feeling a little stressed by work or the pandemic? Below are four series featuring cute animals that you can watch on Netflix:

DOGS (2018) – Six stories about the bond formed and unconditional love between humans and their best friends.

72 Cutest Animals (2016) – this series has 12 episodes that explain how cuteness and adorability help some animals cope and thrive in their given environment.

If I Were An Animal (2018) – the 13 episodes observe various animals in various stages from birth to adulthood. The YouTube channel says that “each episode takes viewers inside the life of one particular animal species, adopting the point of view of the “animal child” and his family’.

The Healing Powers of Duke (2020) – An eight-episode series about an 11-year old boy with social anxiety disorder who finds strength in a scruffy support dog named Dude.

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