As part of McDonald’s Philippines’ continued commitment to safety and protection amidst the risk of COVID-19, the company ensures that your McDelivery is clean and safe through No-Touch delivery.

We are implementing No-Touch Deliveries in select areas and are stepping up our procedures to ensure cleanliness and safety— from our store, to our riders, and to your door.

From our store:

1. Crew’s hands are properly sanitized in handling your food.

  • The crew wash their hands properly before handling your orders.
  • They also make sure that your order is complete and clean before putting it in the takeout bag.

2. Takeout bags are safely sealed.

  • Each takeout bag is sealed for safety with a note that says your delivery is a No-Touch Delivery. 

3. McDelivery backpacks are regularly sanitized.

  • Before leaving the store, our riders and crew wash the backpacks to remove any dirt.
  • Every 2 hours, our riders sanitize their backpacks and pouches.

To our riders:

1. Riders’ temperatures are checked and cleared.

  • Before leaving the store, our guards check our riders’ temperatures. Only cleared riders get to deliver your orders.

2. Riders’ hands are frequently washed.

  • Before and after every delivery, our riders wash their hands. They are provided with rubbing alcohol in their belt bags for their regular use.

3. Riders wear face masks.

  • Our riders wear face masks every time they deliver.

To your door:

For No-Touch deliveries, you will receive your orders without direct contact from our riders. Here’s how:

Step 1: Rider will tell you he’s doing a No-Touch Delivery and ask you where he should place the McDelivery backpack.

Step 2: Rider will place the McDelivery backpack at your specified spot. Allow him to take 10 steps back.

Step 3: Open the McDelivery backpack. Take out your order and check if it’s complete.

Step 4: Get the pouch and pay. For cash payments, put your payment in the pouch. For online payments, sign the slip. 

Step 5: Put the pouch back in the McDelivery backpack. Step back and let the rider know that he can now retrieve the McDelivery backpack.To get the latest updates, follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Twitter.

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