Yaaasss… queens, you heard it right!!! Mama RuPaul makes Vanity Fair history (or should we say herstory) as the first-ever drag queen to cover the magazine. At 59 years old and numerous accolades in her belt including four Emmy awards, 14 studio albums, top-rating reality/talk shows, and other firsts such as spokesperson-ship for MAC Cosmetics, Mr. Charles seems unstoppable.

RuPaul makes Vanity Fair

The January 2020 cover was photographed by Annie Leibovitz with HMU by Dragrace alumnus Raven, and styling by American-Filipino fashion designer, Zaldy. In the magazine’s cover story by Richard Lawson, RuPaul says that “although a ‘superficial aspect’ of drag has become mainstream, ‘true drag’ never will. A superficial aspect of drag is mainstream. Like, the ‘Ooh, girl’ or ‘Hey girlfriend!’ or ‘Yaaas.’ That’s mainstream culture.

He adds, “But true drag really will never be mainstream. Because true drag has to do with seeing that this world is an illusion and that everything that you say you are and everything it says that you are on your driver’s license, it’s all an illusion. Most people will never in their lives understand what that is. Because they don’t have the operating system to understand that duality.”

Drag, however, is still gaining much attention. RuPaul’s Drag Race has had 11 seasons, four All-Star seasons, a franchise in Thailand, and recently, the UK. It has made some drag queens world-famous like Raja, Manila Luzon, Violet Chachki, Bianca del Rio, Alaska, Yvie Odly, The Vivienne, and countless others all of whom have a very strong following.

from the Official Netflix YouTube Channel

With the Vanity Fair feather in RuPaul’s colorful hat, fans are excited about his new TV show that will start streaming on January 10, 2020. “AJ and the Queen”, his first-ever scripted comedy on Netflix is co-created by Sex and the City’s Charles and Michael Patrick King. Ru plays the role of Robert Lee, aka drag queen Ruby Red, who goes on a roadshow and finds a 10-year-old street kid named AJ who stows away in his van.

We are thankful for Mama Ru for opening doors and leading the way so her fabulous children can put the bass in their walk and let their whole body talk. So keep standing tall and represent, children!!!

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