Musicians face a long and winding road to success. The global streaming service Deezer and Firestone, a leading international tyre manufacturer, have teamed up to make the journey a little easier. Today Firestone has launched an official playlist on Deezer, called Newcomer. The playlist will feature 57 tracks from exciting new and emerging artists. Firestone will support the campaign with audio and display advertising on Deezer, as well as significant promotional activity through their owned channels.

Firestone has been supporting artists around the world for nearly 100 years. It started in 1928 when Harvey Firestone launched ‘The Voice of Firestone’, a radio show that wanted to give emerging musicians the chance to reach new audiences.

The digital collaboration with Deezer is designed to boost new and emerging voices at a time when many of them are struggling. The playlist is compiled by Deezer’s French editorial team, based on Deezer’s insights and data. Every month between now and December 2021, a new official playlist from Firestone will be launched on Deezer.

“We believe in amplifying up and coming artists in all of our markets and Deezer was the first streaming company to launch a programme to promote emerging artists in 2017, called Deezer Next. We recently launched a more local version of the programme in the UK & Ireland called Deezer Focus. Our collaboration with Firestone fits perfectly with our mission to highlight new talent and to connect fans around the world to new music. We’re proud to work with a brand that has a long track record of supporting musicians around the world through innovative tactics,” commented Emilie Proyart, VP Advertising Sales at Deezer.

“With Firestone, we’re constantly looking for new ways to reach music lovers and help them discover the best new talent. Streaming companies like Deezer sit at the heart of the musical ecosystem today. Now is the perfect time to collaborate with Deezer to support emerging talent and let people enjoy new music,” added Veronika Yukalova, Client Service and Strategy Lead at WAVE.

The partnership with Firestone is managed by Deezer Brand Solutions. Deezer offers advertisers around the world a wide range of promotion and advertising products, as well as custom branded partnerships built around music, playlists, and podcasting within the Deezer app.

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