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PATIKIM: Shepherd’s Pie and Yorkshire Pudding

Today I bring you this super easy Patikim to make Shepherd's Pie, that classic British casserole consisting of minced beef with gravy,...

PATIKIM: Traditional Irish Beef Stew and Country Bread

Cooler weather definitely calls for a hearty comforting meal so here is my Patikim: a stew derived from the Traditional Irish Beef...

Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage Sauce

Learn the art of making ravioli using the 7-yolk pasta recipe from the highly coveted Michelin Star restaurant, The French Laundry.  This...

Seoulful Korean Recipes from Splendid Kitchen

Here are recipes for some Korean dishes that will make you have a Seoulful gastronomic experience. KIMCHI PANCAKE

Choco-Loco Recipes for Dummies

Who doesn't love chocolates? From cacao beans that are fermented, roasted, ground, and tempered, divine treats are concocted the world over to...

Be a Kitchen Picasso with these Spanish recipes

Splendid Kitchen by Chef Glo shares "muy bien" recipes including Spanish Tapas, Sangria, and other dishes that will make you seem like...

Greek Recipes that will make you eat like the gods

Ever wondered how the gods in ancient mythology ate? Well, these Greek recipes will give you an idea of what it feels...

Salmon Patties: a healthy recipe for recycling fish

The dish Salmon Patties is a smart way to recycle cooked fish. This time, I had baked salmon from a few days ago....

Splendid Kitchen: Japanese Recipes to Satisfy your Heart’s Desire

Chef Glo's Splendid Kitchen goes to Japan for easy Japanese or Japan themed recipes that you can serve for Valentine's Day.

Tapsilog ala Chef Glo

Tapsilog, a portmanteau for the words ‘Tapa’ (cured meat), ‘sinangag’ (garlic fried rice), and ‘itlog’ (fried egg) is a classic Pinoy meal...