Create a deeper connection with cultural roots with the fusion of Filipino heritage and contemporary experiences, while reimagining femininity in strength, grace, and resiliency in a one-night-only production, “Joy and Daloy,” on January 27, 2024, 7:00 PM, at the Tanghalang Ignacio B. Gimenez (CCP Black Box Theater).

Joy and Daloy, a twin-bill production by Daloy Dance Company and choreographer-dancer Joy Alpuerto Ritter, features ItikLandia and BABAE, imaginative choreographies that aim to re-develop and nurture an appreciation for contemporary dance. The choreographies explore intriguing themes, fusing traditional Filipino elements with contemporary expressions.

Created by Daloy Dance Company during their residency at the British School Manila in 2023, ItikLandia is inspired by the traditional Filipino folk dance Itik-Itik, but with a unique and thought-provoking twist that will surely captivate audiences. It is a physical homage to the natural environment we all share, live in, and rely on. 

Meanwhile, Ritter’s BABAE is a 30-minute solo performance piece where the choreographer-dancer reimagines the mystical rituals and power-summoning traditions often associated with women as witches. 

Joy and Daloy
Babae, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, fot. Piotr Jaruga (27)

Taking inspiration from Mary Wigman’s “Witch Dance,” Ritter combines her training in hip hop, voguing, classical and contemporary styles, and Philippine folk dance to create a mesmerizing interplay between the sensual and animalistic aspects of ritual and power.

On January 25 at the Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez (CCP Black Box Theater), Ritter holds a Shapeshifting Dynamics workshop where she will share her dance practice stemming from several movement approaches she learned and trained in her 30 years as a dancer. Her workshop focuses on the subtleties of articulating and isolating body parts in relation to musicality and rhythmical patterns, as well as grounded, dynamic physicality and grooves that strengthen the presence and virtuosity in space.

Founded in 2014 by its artistic director Ea Torrado, Daloy Dance Company has been creating bold and evocative dance theater productions with a dynamic cast of actors, dancers, and other artists. Daloy combines dance, theater, and improvisation to craft innovative and thought-provoking works. With its groundbreaking productions such as Pieces of Me, The Sky Changed, Inter/Act that push the boundaries of contemporary dance, Daloy has created quite a stir in the Manila art scene since its founding. Meanwhile, its highly regarded works Dysmorphilia, Canton, and Himalaya encourage audiences to both celebrate and critically examine societal culture. The company has partnered with notable visual artists in several Philippine museums and galleries.

Ritter enrolled in her first ballet courses at the Ballettstudio Krain, which marked the beginning of her dancing career at four. She took ballet and jazz training for ten years, and participated in dance competitions, ballet performances, and presentations with her mother’s group, the Philippine and Polynesian Culture Dance Group. She received a diploma from the Palucca Dancing School in Dresden, Germany, where she was accepted at the age of 17. Following that, she began working as a freelance contemporary dancer in and around Berlin, collaborating with choreographers such as Heike Hennig, Anja Kozik, Constanza Macras, Wangramirez, and Christoph Winkler. She expanded her repertoire in breakdancing, voguing, hip-hop/new style, and participated in several dance battles.

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