Candy Crush Saga announced its newest (and pinkest) partnership with the most anticipated movie of the summer, BARBIE. On July 13, 2023, just days before the film hits theaters, the brand launched in-game BARBIE experiences that feature exclusive content accessible only to Candy Crush Saga players. Sweeeet.

BARBIE fans and Candy Crush Saga players will have in-app access to the exclusive featurette, A Candy Exclusive: We Are BARBIE, in which the film’s director, producers and talent discuss the different personalities and Barbies that will be seen throughout the movie. Ahead of the movie’s release on July 21, BARBIE fans and Candy Crush players alike will also embark on a fantastical road trip with Barbie, Tiffi and other iconic Candy Crush Saga friends.

Join the candified versions of talent from the film, including Barbie, as she begins her journey to the Real World through the Candy Kingdom. On their journey, players will embark on BARBIE Quests during the Winding Road Tour and collect limited-edition purple “B” candies to win rewards.

Barbie and Candy Crush Saga

Todd Green, General Manager for Candy Crush Saga, says of the partnership: “BARBIE is one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, and this collaboration is a match made in heaven. We’re always looking to provide our players with unique and exclusive in-game experiences that reflect the best of pop culture and bring fun to their daily lives. We hope that Barbie’s visit to Candy Kingdom brings joy to our players this Summer.”

Cameron Curtis, Executive Vice President Global Digital Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures, added: “Bringing BARBIE into the Candy Crush Kingdom has provided us with a unique way to blend nostalgia with modern gameplay. We are proud to tell the story of this iconic, beloved character in the film and we feel that Candy Crush is an amazing platform to provide people with ways to interact with BARBIE on their small screen and then see her come to life on the big screen in theaters.”

BARBIE’s journey to the Candy Kingdom will be available for Candy Crush players from July 13th – 23rd as part of Candy Crush Saga’s Nostalgia Season, which runs July 3rd – August 31st, and features a full summer of road trips that allow Candy Crush Saga players new experiences as Tiffi drives around the Kingdom.

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