In its first live production since the critically acclaimed musical STEPHEN SONDHEIM’S COMPANY in 2019, Upstart brings you SOS: SHOWCASE OF ORIGINAL SHORTS, a small-scale presentation featuring five original short comedy plays with a macabre edge, written and directed by Joel Trinidad and Nicky Triviño. The show stars Mica Pineda and Neo Rivera alongside the Trinidad-Triviño tandem.

Rather than in a “conventional” auditorium, SOS will be performed in a café bar; namely, Empty Stomach Café and Lounge Bar in BGC. This is in line with Upstart’s vision to make theater more accessible (and inexpensive) by stripping it down to its bare bones— without lessening its entertainment value. “You don’t need fancy sets or expensive costumes to make people happy,” muses Trinidad, who founded the comedy-oriented theater company in 2010. His creative partner Triviño concurs: “All an audience really needs is imagination.”

SOS: Upstart

SOS: SHOWCASE OF ORIGINAL SHORTS was well regarded when the first five scripts of the series were presented in 2013, and again when six all-new ones were presented the year after. Critics called the plays “witty [and] funny” (Gemini Quintos, ABS-CBN Publishing) while expressing “theatrical euphoria” (Totel de Jesus, Philippine Daily Inquirer) over their “pop culture punch lines and zany zingers” (Lana Chan, And because of the nature of the venue, people will be able to order food and drinks while watching the show— a big plus for audiences!

Now in its third incarnation, the present production of SOS: SHOWCASE OF ORIGINAL SHORTS will feature five brand-new comedy scripts. “We’ve got vampires, magic spells, secret agents, murderers, sword fights, and more,” enthuses Triviño. “Oh, and laughs,” Trinidad adds with a smile. “Lots and lots of laughs.”

Upstart presents SOS: SHOWCASE OF ORIGINAL SHORTS. Thursday, November 10 and 17 at 8 pm at Empty Stomach Café and Lounge Bar, 2/F Fort Pointe Bldg., The Fort Strip, 28th Street corner 7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig. Tickets at P700 per person, available at the gate, or via text reservation at 09178116156.

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