Arthur Tselishchev may seem to be another boy-next-door but this artist, interior designer, model, fashion photographer, DJ, and teacher has a spirit that is unquarantinable.

Originally from Ukraine, this 29-year old Scorpio has been coming back to the Philippines since 2015 to express his multi-disciplinary artistry. In a recent interview, he proves that no pandemic can keep him from doing what he is passionate about – ART.

Read the transcript below to know more about this kind-hearted Ukrainian hottie.

I’m Arthur Tselishchev. I’m an artist, interior designer, model, fashion photographer, DJ, and a teacher.

How did you get into art?
I’ve been drawing ever since I was a baby. I’d always be late for kindergarten cause I was drawing on my wallpaper at home every morning.

My parents brought me to art school where I studied for five years. Then I went to university for another five years to earn my interior design degree.

Where do you get influence?
My inspiration came from old masters, mostly from the renaissance period, as well as artists from Russian avant-garde.

What are the media that you use?
I started from watercolor then I shifted to oil and also do a lot of charcoal and mixed media.

What is a typical day for you?
Usually, I start my day with cooking some healthy breakfast and coffee while watching documentaries. Then I go to work or meet with clients, working with interior projects, always trying to find time to work out, sometimes meeting friends over dinner, or attending events.

And on other days, I can be busy with fittings, fashion shows, shoots, or DJ-ing gigs.

How do you balance all these hats?
Time management is key for the right balance and also setting your priorities, helps me a lot when I don’t know what to start with and what to do next.

Have you had art exhibits?
So far, I’ve had two personal arts exhibits and a couple of joint ones. And I’m already planning and working on the next ones.

My recent exhibit was held in Powerplant Mall in Rockwell in collaboration with furniture brand, Bernhardt. The idea is to combine stylish interior pieces with my art pieces so they would compliment each other.

Did the global COVID-19 crisis do anything to you and your art?
The current situation with this global pandemic has affected everyone on this planet. It was really stressful in the first weeks. With all the anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns, but after a while, I decided to look at it from the positive side and adjusted, more or less.

Trying to keep myself busy as usual, work, movies, home workouts, and lots of experiments in the kitchen.

How do you stay fit while in quarantine?
I search for YouTube videos from different trainers, trying to follow or improvise. All this is better than staying on the sofa all day with chips but of course, I can’t wait to get back to my gym and have a proper beast mode workout.

My last exhibit got cut short after two weeks due to the virus situation. COVID-9 didn’t really affect my art. I’m still working on art pieces as I did before.

I guess I just got a little more time to paint but at the same time, it made me more relaxed in some way.

Just trying to keep myself distracted from all that and get more inspiration.

How important is art in these gloomy days? How can it save the sanity of people?
Art has always been a part of not only culture but mental health, and self-development. Art has many outlets – not just paintings. It’s music, theater, poetry – creating anything that’s in your mind. So I think we all have to stay positive, get inspired, and keep ourselves healthy and safe. You just have to negotiate with yourself. How are you gonna look at the situation? Are you gonna panic, be depressed, or productive and excited.

Everything has a reason so I’m excited for this bigger start.

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