The amount of happiness one feels in owning a pet can never be measured or expressed. You get a new best friend, a companion for life and a partner-in-crime. With your own animal pal, you will be giving countless treats and going on endless adventures together. Although that’s not all what it means when you become a pet owner. Here are five tips on how to be the best pawrent you can be for your pet from Amanda to the Rescue.

  1. Research on which is the right pet for you.
    There are many kinds of pets to choose from. Whether a dog, cat, bird or a fish, the choices are endless, but choosing your next companion isn’t just about how they look like. It’s about how they cohesively fit with your own personality which will enable you to give that animal your energy level and animal that suits your lifestyle. As Amanda Giese, founder of Panda Paws Rescue suggests, some pets and dog breeds aren’t for everyone. Take for example dalmatians, that are “full of spice. A lot of people are drawn to them because they’re spotted and so unique looking and they’re beautiful, but they are a ton of energy. They’re not a dog for everyone. They’re very stubborn.”

    Pets will always have this adjustment period once brought home. Each breed will react differently but soon enough, they will have adjusted to their new surroundings. Make sure that you will have everything set up before they arrive as this will help you greatly moving forward.
  1. Apply a strict healthy diet.
    It’s not just about choosing the right food that gives the nutritional requirements but it’s also when you would be feeding your pet. Feeding your pet at random can lead to being under or overfed which could lead to giving them health issues in the future. Depending on the breed of the animal, you will know how many times in a day you should feed it to give it the nourishment it needs.

    There’s no right answer when it comes to this. Simply observe your pet and see how they react to a certain type of food. Just make sure that it’s healthy and balanced. 
  1. Start house training ASAP.
    The last thing you would want is for your new animal companion to become destructive around your home. Teach them where they can go to take a potty, where they should be sleeping, what they shouldn’t be chewing on and where they’re supposed to stay. Animals are able to learn basic obedience as soon as they come home. Using simple training cues and commands help provide a sense of structure and set of rules for your animal friend.

    Keep in mind that you would have to be patient with the them. Animals respond better to positive reinforcement. Giving punishments does not usually have the desired effect as most of the time, it could only confuse or scare them. Harsh punishments may even lead to aggression. 
  1. Socialize early!
    Bring your animal friends to parks, malls or different play centers to experience new people, new situations and new places. Getting your animal companion to socialize early will develop a healthy behavior with other animals and people. It’s important to get your new pets used to a variety of people, animals, places and sounds so as in the future, they will not react poorly.
  1. Find a great vet for your pet.
    Before bringing the pet home, the first place you will bring them to is the vet and all pets need a great veterinarian. They will be the ones to tell you what you need to know about your pet’s needs. Educate yourself on how to keep your pet healthy and do well on this new chapter of pet ownership.

Overall, what it means to be an amazing pawrent is to be responsible.You need to commit to your pet and accept responsibility for its life as they rely on their owners to live. Learn more on how to become the best pawrent you can be from Amanda Giese and her family in Amanda to the Rescue S2 every Monday at 9:00 PM only on Animal Planet.

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