The creative team behind the Filipino Rock Opera Ballet, RAMA, HARI is holding auditions in search of new talents to complete the production’s cast of Singers.

A Filipino modern rock opera ballet, RAMA, HARI is an acclaimed collaboration among five National Artists – Alice Reyes for direction and choreography, Ryan Cayabyab for music, Salvador Bernal for production design, Bienvenido Lumbera for the libretto, and English translations by Rolando Tinio. An adaptation of the Sanskrit epic poem Ramayana, this masterpiece features renowned singers in the Filipino music industry and incorporates traditional theatre, song, and dance devices found and shared among Asian nations.  

Past incarnations of this Filipino Masterpiece boasted a star-studded lineup of stars in the Philippine Music and Theater industry, with the original cast comprising of OPM Legends, Basil Valdez, Kuh Ledesma, and Leo Valdez as the Singing counterparts of Rama, Sita, and Ravana, respectively. This year, we open the search to discover a new generation of talents to join our cast of established artists and take on the show’s iconic singing roles. 

The casting call is open to singers aged 18 years old and above. All must be able to sing and dance well and be proficient in the Filipino language.

Auditionees must fill out the online audition form at and submit the following:

  1. CV
  2. Headshot and Full Body Photos 
  3. Video Performing an OPM song showcasing one’s vocal range.
  4. Upload Unlisted Audition Video on YouTube
    • Intro Format: Name, Role, Song
    • Video Title Format: [Role] – [Last Name, First Name] – [Song]
  5. Video Clips showcasing the auditionee’s dance skills.
    • Upload Unlisted Audition Video on YouTube
    • Video Title Format: [Last Name, First Name] – Dance Video – Rama, Hari Audition

Online Auditions begin May 12, 2023. Auditionees will be emailed callback results by May 28, 2023. 

RAMA, HARI featuring Artists of CCP’s Professional Artist Support Program and Alice Reyes Dance Philippines will run at the Metropolitan Theater, September 15-16, and at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, September 22-23, 2023. Auditionees must be available for ALL rehearsals and performances.

The deadline for online video submissions is May 21, 2023. For inquiries please e-mail



  • Baritone/Tenor
  • Can Dance and Move Well
  • The Prince and son of King Dasaratha


  • Mezzo-Soprano with a Belt
  • Can Dance and Move Well
  • Princess of Mithila. Rama’s beloved wife


  • Tenor
  • Capable of singing Pop/Rock/Theatre Genres
  • Can Dance and Move Well
  • Main Antagonist, the most powerful of Demons


  • Baritone
  • Excellent in Drama
  • Rama’s Father and King of Kosala


  • Dual Role
  • Soprano with a Belt
  • Can Dance and Move Well
  • Excellent in Drama and Physical Comedy
  • Soorpanakha is Ravana’s demon Sister
  • Kooni is a devious witch and adviser to Queen Kaikeyi


  • Dual Role
  • Soprano with a Belt
  • Excellent in Drama
  • Kaikeyi – The Third Wife of King Dasaratha


  • Dual Role
  • Baritone/Tenor
  • Can Dance and Move Well
  • Able to sing and dance with High-Energy Choreography
  • Lakshmana – Rama’s Younger Brother
  • Hanuman – General of the Monkey Army of Kiskinda

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