Can the Philippine art scene be democratized? For, they continue to push for the answer to be yes.

With a strong vision for the art scene today, this virtual contemporary art gallery continues to break boundaries. This is the year finally breaks away from web windows. On July 16, brings their platform to the public with “The Little Big Art Show.” It’s a small show featuring big talent—open for all to see. Founders (L to R): Ryan Robert Flores, Co-founder & Gallery Coordinator; Angela Gaddi, Co-founder, & Art Director; Ram Bautista, Co-founder & Managing Director.

Contemporary art’s zeitgeist made visible

What is Filipino contemporary art today? unpacks this through their inaugural physical exhibit. From July 16 to 27, the online art gallery will showcase works from Philippine contemporary art’s future and current greats. This group exhibition will feature works from artists, including the likes of Manuel Ocampo, Dex Fernandez, Kiko Escora, Lourd De Veyra, Aba Lluch Dalena, Lena Cobangbang, Argie Bandoy, and many more. In line with’s vision of expanding platforms for the art community, “The Little Big Art Show” will be available online and offline.

From URL to IRL

Underneath the premiere creative hub The Astbury, occupies 170 square meters of gallery space to house works from current and future greats of Philippine contemporary art. Its exteriors are reminiscent of New York City’s subway stations, from the graffiti-sprayed walls and metal directional signage hanging above the entryway. Going down its ramp doesn’t take you to your next station, but a space where local contemporary art but a space where local contemporary art thrives.

This is a physical manifestation of the online gallery’s continuous growth, expanding the platform to go beyond the expected. See paintings, sculpture, and various mediums coming from the who’s who of the art scene as well as newcomers everyone should be aware of.

Not art for some, but art for all recognizes the immense opportunity in bringing Philippine contemporary art to a larger audience. It aims to be a premiere cultural institution of Philippine contemporary art.

This gallery pushes to bridge the academic, commercial, and popular aspects of art in service of the art community. 

By expanding the art community, the gallery initiates a cycle wherein people gain greater artistic literacy and appreciation for art that grows the market to the benefit of the Filipino artists.

Since 2019, this gallery aims to provide an inclusive platform to be seen and heard; from artists to art enthusiasts in the country. Founders Angel Gaddi, Ram Bautista, and Robert Flores aim to close the gap between the art, the artist, and the public. This is through monthly exhibits and articles available at isn’t afraid to pursue niche thematics. Established and emerging artists under the gallery share this vision. From the wonderful imagery overkill of maximalism to the dystopian realm of Roko’s Basilisk, onlookers are always given a fresh insight on what Philippine contemporary art is today.

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