The Upside Down calls. A new set of teaser photos of Stranger Things Season 4 has been released by Netflix on March 23, 2022, where a new set of characters join the series’ iconic cast in what appears to be their darkest season yet.

The new set of images previews the main cast of kids all significantly grown up from when we last saw them, six months after the explosive Battle of Starcourt, the season 3 finale where the gang went their separate ways in a bittersweet conclusion to the third season’s story arc.

“They’re not kids anymore. They really are full-blown teenagers. That’s why this season we leaned more into horror,” series creator, the Duffer Brothers, shared in an interview. The new images preview some of the key locations in the brand-new thrilling chapter of the series, including the haunted Creel house, which earlier teaser promos touted as one of the biggest driving forces of horror in the upcoming episodes.

The teaser photos also reveal a long-awaited reunion: Eleven, Will, and Jonathan, who were separated from Mike and the rest of the gang when they moved out of Hawkins, are shown to be with them in a few of the stills including newcomers James Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco, and Joseph Quinn.

Winona Ryder and Brett Gelman’s characters, Joyce Byers and Murray Bauman, also appear to be in a post-airplane crash scene in what may be Kamchatka, Russia, where David Harbour’s Jim Hopper was last seen in a teaser promo.

Natalia Dyer and Maya Hawke will also share the screen as a femme fatale duo, as a still depicts Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley joining forces for an adventure of their own.

Netflix promises a brand-new threat that will tie all the characters together and bring the horrors and mysteries of the Upside Down front and center once again.

Since its release in 2016, the most-followed television series on the Internet has gone on to win dozens of awards and over a hundred nominations, including three Emmy awards, a Screen Actors Guild award, and a Critic’s Choice award.

Stranger Things’ penultimate season will be split into two parts, with its first half premiering on May 27, and the second half debuting on July 1.

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